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Samples of Our Copyright Poems

Haul of the Harmonious Heart

Oh, heart! Why is it that you can
Withstand so much pain, preventing
My mind from going insane!
Isn't it amazin' how this special
Organ is partially more critical
Than the brain? However, most humans
Can't even recognize the heart's
Physical pain, according to scientists
Who study the brain
The heartbeats of my harmonious heart
Has seen a lot of sunshine and rain,
Since life's experiences has caused
Me so much heartache and pain
But I know that in time
My helpless heart will begin to
Heal and feel the harmonies
Of love and joy that have yet to begin

My Sweet Overcast of Love

As the sweetness of your simplicity enters into my presence of finesse
I am hereby strung by your graceful moonlit silhouette
Come here and love me until my body can no longer rest;
Touch me, hold me, caress me until my mind and soul can only request
Your sweet, but loving embrace upon the bosom of my chest
Shadows of love overcast the sensation of my spiritual soul as we unite as
One upon this silver cast of love shining through us
Ignite me, entice me, encourage me to feel your detailed injections of
Spiritual, mental, and emotional embrace with your tender touch upon my face
Love me, talk with me as if we've never missed each other's warm
Embrace within the distant of love's overcast embrace

A Child-like Comfort

In the midst of my adulthood bliss, I still miss my childhood hug and kiss
The warmth and love that is expected, not earned by self-protective strength
A love that is always there just because you know and feel that someone really cares
To cuddle, hold, touch, and caress with gentle reassuring love pats
With light strokes and gentle pecks upon someones forehead that really
Achieves the test of someone knowing that love is at its best
Mommy, hold me, touch me, and always provide and protect me from this earth's sinful mess
Daddy, guide me, show me, carry me, and always protect me with your strong shield of love
Against this universe unique conquest of greed and power upon earth's existing, yet revolving mess
Comfort me in a child-like faith that all human beings have a chance to run
And survive this uncanny universal race
Mommy and Daddy reassure me that I have the strength to pass love's test
That is put forth by a humanitarian's heart-loving or heart-breaking quest
To seek love and happiness at an adult child's best

Sample of Our Copyright Inspirational Message

The Sweet Smelling Sounds of Struggles and Success

How sweet is the sound of success in life?

However does one really know the strenuous sweats of the struggle?

From Sorrow and Suffering through the steady pace;

One can finally hear the Sweet Sounds of Success ringing in the skies.

Not knowing that its ringing and swaying high in the clouds;

One will never know the true Satisfying Sounds of it until;

You have Survive the Screeching Sounds of the On-going Struggle.

It's no wonder how the two accompany each other weighing on high or low on the delicate warning sign of life.

Until, the Simple Scales of Life began to sway from side to side again.

At every moment in life when one believes that they are Steady, Stable, and Secure
here comes the Swaying of that Simple Scale of Life.

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