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"In February 2014, I used Tee’s Professional Poetic Writing Shop to apply for a federal government job application.  My experience using Tee’s Professional Poetic Writing Shop was better than I could’ve imagine. First class service all the way. Tee was professional, patient, caring, and determined to build the best resume possible for me.  She made the entire process easy and updated me on what to expect every step of the way.  Her knowledge of the application process was superior.  If you are serious about seeking federal employment, then I recommend using Tee’s Professional Poetic Writing Shop. Tee gets the job done! I was very impressed how thoroughly Tee answered the KSA’s detail by detail and gave examples relating to my past experiences.  That was a critical part of the application process. I received my first interview by telephone within 30 days from submitting my application and was advanced to a structure interview one week later.  Got offered the job in June 2014, and I’m feeling great, can’t wait to start and I can be contacted if necessary."
Lakramon, Baltimore, MD

"In August 2013, I decided to apply for a government position that was posted in my office. Since I had not work on my government application or written resume in years; I decided to use the services of Tee’s Professional Poetic Writing Shop.  It took a total of two weeks to be completed and sent it out.  My resume needed to be updated and now thanks to Tee’s Professional Poetic Writing Shop, my position and job status in the federal government has been currently updated. Thanks to Tiffany; who showed me how to add any current work, awards, and training I have done from my new position onto my resume to keep it freshly updated.  From the start! I like how Tee’s Professional Poetic Writing Shop was honest and direct with me. When I found out that I had an interview in November 2013, Tiffany gave me some advice on how to keep calm, stay focus when interviewing and how to dress for the job interview.  How we went over the do’s and don’ts for interviewing for the job. I applied for a government position in August 2013, and got an interview in November 2013, and the announcement of my new position was in December of 2013." 
Mrs. Ambush, Capitol Heights, MD

"In June 2013, I used Tees Professional Poetic Writing Shop for an updated resume to apply for jobs.  I had a really good experience with Tee's Writing Shop. Everything was thorough, simple, and straightforward.  I applied for a few positions on or around the first week in August 2013, I started receiving call backs and interviews around the end of August. What I liked most was Tee's professionalism and attention to detail. I am a Navy Veteran, and Tee knew exactly how to translate my military experience into what would conform to the civilian sector. It was a great experience. I will definitely be using Tee's services for all of my future writing needs."
Ricquel, Washington, DC

"I used Tee’s Professional Poetic Writing Shop writing services in 2007 and 2010. Tee was very professional, and passionate about helping her clients achieve their goals.  I was called for an interview approximately one month after the application was placed in 2007, which was not long at all seeing as how I applied for a federal government position.  The second time in 2010 took a little longer for an interview as I was still in school, after I finished and graduated from school, I received an interview a week later. I liked Tee’s dedication and how she tells you the truth and shares her experience in the government to help you to understand the process and procedures on human resources."

Tanya, Washington, DC

"My experience with using Tee’s Professional Poetic Writing Shop was an amazing experience. When I got my application and resume back it was very well written and done in a professional typed manner.  Also Tee was very professional in explaining what she was going to do and what she had did or done with the DC Government job application that I had applied for in October 2011 and I got a call back in the next month.  And throughout the entire process, I really like how Tee was very professional and explained everything that she did on the application. I was hired in June 2012."
—Darryl, Washington, DC

"My experience with Tee’s Professional Poetic Writing Shop to help me with my federal government job application was the best qualify writing for my resumes, job histories for the USA Jobs Application process, was done by Tee.  I applied for a government position on Feb 27, 2012, and I got an interview and/or job on April 9, 2012.  Tee is very excellent and patient with explaining all of the details on the government vacancy announcement. I had an ASL interpreter with her to help me understand what she taught me for the practicing interview to prepare me for my job interview because I am deaf."
—Bryan, Locust Grove, VA

"Working with Tee’s service has been a wonderful experience for me and things were done professionally and in a timely fashion.  There was one piece missing to my puzzle so I reached out to Tee and she walked me through piecing what I needed together with no hesitation or problems.  I applied for a DC government position in September 2012, and was scheduled an interview on October 9, 2012.  The follow up process was my favorite part of the service, whenever, I was told I would receive a phone call or email it happened without any delays.  During this process Tee believed in me and encouraged me to believe in myself, I was so confident about the position when I turned in my application."
—Misha, Washington, DC

"Ms. Tee you are the best, and I appreciate your time and experience with your resume’ skills, because I sent out the resume you prepared for me out to different companies and got a very quick response and interview especially for me in Texas. WOW!  Ms. Tee, you are very professional and super informative on the Government Job Hiring process, and I appreciate your patience and time you took out for me, when I did not have any help. I have been using Tee’s Professional Poetic Writing Shop since Feb 2012 to the present."
—Dra, Afghanistan

"Hello, my name is Victoria, and I have met Ms. Tee and her writing shop helped me to get a job as a safety technician in DC Government on May 7, 2012, and she told me what I needed and what I needed to do for the position application process, and it was there for me on May 24, 2012. I got a call and interview on May 24, 2012. She had done a lot of things for me with the application process and worked with me in a lot of ways, and she took care of my needs and what was needed until you get the job.  It doesn’t take long at all, she comes back and asks you do you need any help or anything, and she will help to do. You pay one time and she will do all the work. And if I have to ask her again to help me she will and the work that she does is always 100%, you can’t go to no writing shop, and ask for the help like she do.  She gets it done on time, and she won’t keep you in the cold about anything in the application process."
—Victoria, Washington, DC

"I found working with Tee an absolute pleasure; she is very helpful, asking questions, and writing a professional resume for a job that I had applied for in April 2012.  I really appreciate the patience Tee showed me with me providing the information to her to complete the application process."
—Cheryl, Silver Spring, MD 

"I used Tee's Professional Poetic Writing Shop in May 2005 to apply for a security guard position at Smithsonian and got hired in October 2005. Since then, I had been successfully working for Smithsonian for 4 years, and then I used the services again to apply for a police office position at the Pentagon in October 2008, and officially got hired in March 2009 as a police office at the Pentagon. I enjoyed Tee's Professional Poetic Writing Shop, the service and the format of the resume is extremely breathtaking.  The wording of your resume and its professionalism is remarkable with no mistakes at all. Furthermore, it gives you a shot for an interview. Most organizations won't either look at your resume, if the wording is not precise. Organizations are looking for strong presence in your resume, because your resume is like a bio about you that should be highly displayed and sold to employer's to determine why should we hire you? I strongly recommend Tee's Professional Poetic Writing Shop to everyone. I started in private industry security in 1997, and now I am a police officer at the Pentagon, if it wasn't for the writing shop it wouldn't be possible."
—Keith, Culpeper, VA

"I used Tee's Professional Poetic Writing Shop in May 2008, and Tee's Professional Poetic Writing Shop service expounds an individual skill set. Your resume and/or knowledge, skills, and abilities will stand out from all others. Tee's turnaround time was less than 1 week for me. I was very pleased with the communication and will definitely use Tee's service again. I would highly recommend."
—Ann, Stafford, VA

"In May 2009, I contacted Tee's Professional Poetic Writing Shop to redo my resume. Within 2 months, I received an interview with a federal government agency. Unfortunately, I was not chosen for the job, and I continued to apply for other positions.  The new resume from Tee's Professional Poetic Writing Shop gave me many opportunities of being referred to a selecting official, which had not been done before.  In September 2010, I was offered a position with a federal government agency by using Tee's Professional Poetic Writing Shop resume. I had applied for the position at the end of July 2010, and got the interview and the job offer in September 2010.  The experience I received from the services provided was very warm and very inviting.   Tee provided the steps in detail of applying for a federal position and the key terms which would help the interview go smoothly.  Tee gave me the experience of a professional service, as well as a friendly atmosphere of caring about me finding a position to fit my resume. I really appreciate the care and time that Tee spent walking me through the road of finding a position in the federal government. I recommend Tee's Professional Poetic Writing Shop to all my friends and family in the United States. Superior service and it's worth the money."
—Monica, Fort Washington, MD

"I used Tee's Professional Poetic Writing Shop in March 2007 to apply for a federal government position, and I had got an interview for the position in June 2007, and got hired in August 2007. I liked how Tee assisted me by talking with me about my past work experiences, and how I would need to utilize my past work with my future career goals to obtain a federal government job.  I feel awesome because of Tee's Professional Poetic Writing Services; I've been with the federal government now for 3 years, and I will continue to use the writing services to further and better my career in the government."
—Keon, Capitol Heights, MD

"I have used Tee's Professional Poetic Writing Shop for the past 4 years, and Tee has provided exceptional service for me.  I will always use this service in the future. The owner has always given me the information needed to identify my job skills in a professional manner to apply for jobs, and after applying for these jobs, I was selected for many interviews.  As a matter of fact, I had applied for a job at the Dept of State in the middle of 2005, and had got an interview in Dec. 2005 and got offered the position, however because of relocation reasons; I was unable to accept the job.  Tee also helped me to identify pointers in my job description in my current position far as all of my experience from the past and the present that relates and benefits for other federal government positions.  What I like the most about Tee was her personality, patience, professionalism, and having it done in a timely and professional manner."
—Rocita, Washington, DC

"I used Tee's Professional Poetic Writing Shop around May 2004 to apply for a federal government position, and I had received an interview for the position within 4 months after the vacancy announcement closed.  The owner was very professional and extremely educational about the federal government application process.  I was really impressed with how thoroughly the owner explained the KSA process, which helped me in applying for future positions in the government."
—Karriem, Prince George's County, MD

"I used Tee's Professional Poetic Writing Shop in August 2010, and I was impressed with the revisions that were made to my current federal style resume, it made quite a difference with my application. Thanks Again.  The work was wonderful…..thank you so much, if I get the job, I will definitely let you know. I really like the way Tee explains the announcements and the federal hiring process."
—Phyllis, Maryland

"My experience with Tee's Professional Poetic Writing Shop is both of a personal and professional acquaintance of over the past 10 years, I was unaware of how much of an expert Administrator and Human Resource Specialist was she which was discovered in the year 2000, because we both had worked together in the same division in the same agency in the federal government.  As a fellow co-worker in the same division office she discreetly and delicately informed me through engaging conversation that my position in the division was capped-which means no more advancement. I asked if she would assist me with seeking employment elsewhere in our agency, but Tee recommended that I include other federal agencies to seek advancement as well.  Tee's immediate answers to my inquiries made me comfortable. I felt like I was in good hands.  Tee's recommendation caused me to act immediately on job searching and not to procrastinate on seeking something better for myself as a federal government employee, and her responses to all of my questions, reassured me that the whole procedure wasn't as intimidating as I felt the application process would be.  Particularly the KSA requirements that were asked of the applicant on the vacancy announcement, Tee had reviewed and addressed all of the requirements to ensure everything was completed as stated on the vacancy.  One vacancy announcement had closed which I had used Tee's Professional Poetic Writing Shop to apply for in 2006, and 2 weeks had gone by, when I'd gotten a request to interview with the vacancy's division management team for the position.  I've used Tee's Professional Poetic Writing Shop for myself, numerously, and have recommended others to get her expert advice when they were seeking federal government employment. With Tee's comfortable stance and patience throughout the process, you are sure to feel confident too, that you will get a call for an offer to get an interview and/or offer to fulfill the vacant position.  The results of Tee's expert knowledge of the federal government application process will make you feel confident, you will get the job!"
—Nikki, Prince George's County, MD

"I used Tee's Professional Poetic Writing Shop to apply a building maintenance position in October 2010, and I got an interview in January 2011. What I like most about this service is how professional, and patience Tee is, but most of all how direct and precise her education and skills are for always getting the job done and completing and communicating each area of the vacancy announcement very clearly for anyone to understand."
—Paul, Washington, DC

Tee's Professional Poetic Writing Shop has received written permission from each client to publicly display their experience with using Tee's Professional Poetic Writing Shop.

Tee's Professional Poetic Writing Shop would like to sincerely "Thank" all of the present and previous clients for their business and their participation with publicly displaying their testimony of service!

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